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This page is dedicated to the Kubota mini excavators and SVL compact track loaders that Rubbertrax Inc. spends special attention to. Many rubber track companies don't bother with the Kubota line, and very few carry the undercarriage parts for Kubota. Rubbertrax carrys many of the Kubota KX series mini excavator undercarriage parts including replacement drive sprockets, track rollers, tension idlers and even top carrier rollers. We carry several tracks that are dedicated to very specific Kubota mini excavators. These are tracks that do not interchange with any other machine and most smaller rubber track companies try to provide a track that seems to work, but in the long run the track will fall off, or wear prematurely becuase it is not designed to integrate with the carefully designed Kubota undercarriage system. See our individual Kubota mini excavator flyers: Kubota Mini Excavator Track and Parts Brochures

Kubota Track Loader Rubber Track Tread Pattern

This is the Staggered Block Tread Pattern for Compact Track Loaders. It is by far the most popular track loader tread pattern we sell. This tread pattern is available for almost every track loader including:

  • Kubota SVL75
  • Kubota SVL75-2
  • Kubota SVL 90-2
  • Kubota SVL95-2
  • Kubota SVL 95-2S

OEM C-Shaped Rubber Track Tread Pattern This is the "C-Pad" Tread Pattern common on Bobcat Type Compact Track Loaders, now available on most track loader options. The C pads are off-set for optimal smooth contact and operator comfort. This tread pattern gives you a balance between traction and floatation and operator comfort to prevent fatigue. This tread pattern is available for most track loaders including:

OEM Zig Zag Rubber Track Tread Pattern

This is the John Deere and JCB type Zig Zag tread pattern now availalbe for the Kubota SVL machines running 16" wide tracks.
This tread pattern is available for most track loaders including:

  • Kubota SVL 75 (400mm wide)

  Kubota Mini Excavator Rubber Track Tread Pattern

This is the most common tread pattern for the dedicated Kubota guiding system on the KX 161-3 and U55-4 series excavators.
Tracks that would use this tread pattern include:

  • Kubota KX 161-3
  • Kubota KX 057-4
  • Kubota U 55-4
  • Kubota U 45-3

Smaller Mini Excavators

Bobcat 2 Ton Mini Ex Tread Patterns Common tread pattern on 230 mm wide tracks for most 2 Ton Mini Ex:
  • Kubota KX 41, U 15, U15-3, U-17

Mid-Sized Mini Excavators

Bobcat Mini Excavator Wide Guide Tread Pattern

Kubota U35 Rubber Track Guide
Common tread pattern on 300 mm wide tracks:
  • Kubota U-30 Series
  • Kubota U-35 Series
  • Kubota RX 302
  • Kubota KX 90

In the case of the U-35 Kubota the tread pattern isn't the most important part, it's the guiding system. Many Kubota models have dedicated guiding systems. In this case you can see where our track on the left has the smooth outside guide type to reduce vibration as the operator drives. You can see a competitor's inferior generic track to the right with deep gaps on the outside of the guiding system which will cause a rough ride, and premature wear on the rollers and the tracks. In this case you get what you pay for and the cheaper guys don't have what you need for your Kubota.

Kubota U30 Excavator Tread Pattern Common tread pattern to fit the following models:
  • Kubota KX 021, KX 024 Series
  • Kubota U-30 Series
Kubota™ KX 121-3 Rubber Track Tread Pattern:
Kubota Track KX 121-3

Kubota is known for very specific guiding systems. We offer the same exact Kubota guiding system in both of our tread designs. This is not an interchangeable tread design, it is specific to the unique design of the Kubota mini excavator series. Now offering Kubota KX 121-3 rubber tracks in optional tread patterns:

Turf Friendly Tread Pattern
Now offering OEM replacement rubber tracks for the following machines:
  • Kubota KX 008
  • Kubota U10
  • Kubota U 10-3

Kubota Mini Excavator Replacement Parts

Kubota Replacement Sprockets:

Machine Model: Kubota OEM Part Number:
KX 61-2(68318-14430)
Kubota aftermarket Sprocket 68318-14430
KX 71-3(RC417-14430)
Kubota aftermarket Sprocket RC417-144300
KX 91-2(68621-14430)
Kubota aftermarket Sprocket 68621-14430
KX 91-3(RC417-14430)
Kubota aftermarket Sprocket RC417-14430
KX 121-2(68658-14430)
Kubota aftermarket Sprocket 68318-14430
KX 121-3(RD118-14433)
Kubota aftermarket Sprocket RD118-14433
KX 161-2 ~ 10723(68678-14430)
KX 161-2 ~ 10863(68678-14430)
KX 161-2 10864 ~(RD308-14430)
KX 161-3(RD411-14432)
Kubota aftermarket Sprocket RD411-14432

Kubota Bottom Rollers

Machine Model: Kubota OEM Part Number:
KX 61-2 (RC101-21803)
Kubota aftermarket Rollers RC101-21803
KX 71-3 (RB511-21702)
Kubota aftermarket Rollers RB511-21702
KX 91-2(RC301-21902)
Kubota aftermarket Rollers RC301-21902
KX 91-3(RB511-21702)
Kubota aftermarket Rollers RB511-21702
KX 121-2(RD101-99900)
Kubota aftermarket Rollers RD101-99900
KX 121-3(RD118-21700)
Kubota aftermarket Rollers RD118-21700
KX 161-2 ~ 10723(RD201-21700)
KX 161-2 ~ 10863(RD401-99900)
KX 161-2 10864 ~(RD301-21700)
KX 161-3(RD411-21700)
Kubota aftermarket Rollers RD411-21700

Kubota Upper Rollers

Kubota Model Number: OEM Part Number:
Kubota KX 61-2(N/A)
Kubota KX 71-3(RC411-21903)
Kubota aftermarket Carrier Roller RC411-21903
Kubota KX 91-2(RC208-21904)
Kubota KX 91-3(RC411-21903)
Kubota aftermarket Carrier Roller RC411-21903
Kubota KX 121-2(RC208-21904)
Kubota KX 121-3(RD411-22900)
Kubota aftermarket Carrier Roller RD411-22900
Kubota KX 161-2 ~ 10723(RD208-21904)
Kubota KX 161-2 ~ 10863(RD208-21904)
Kubota KX 161-2 10864 ~(RD208-21904)
Kubota KX 161-3(RD411-22900)
Kubota aftermarket Carrier Roller RD411-22900

Kubota Replacement Idlers

Kubota Model Number: OEM Part Number:
Kubota KX 61-2(RC101-21300)
Kubota KX 71-3(RC348-21302)
Kubota aftermarket Tension Idler RC348-21302
Kubota KX 91-2(RC101-21300)
Kubota KX 91-3 (RC411-21306)
Kubota aftermarket Tension Idler RC411-21306
Kubota KX 121-2(RD101-21300)
Kubota KX 121-3(RD118-21300)

Kubota aftermarket Tension Idler RD118-21300
Kubota KX 161-2 ~ 10723 (RD208-21300)
Kubota KX 161-2 ~ 10863(RD208-21300)
Kubota KX 161-2 10864 ~(RD201-21330)
Kubota KX 161-3 (RD411-22303)
Kubota aftermarket Tension Idler RD411-22303

Kubota SVL Loader Undercarriage

Kubota SVL Replacement Parts

The replacement undercarriage parts for the Kubota SVL track loaders are interchangeable on the SVL 75 and SVL 75-2 series. The same scenario is the case for the Kubota SVL 90 and SVL 90-2 series. Don't hesitate to call if you have any questions about fitment for your specific model. The images to the left are the exact pictures of your replacement parts.

Kubota Model Number: OEM Part Number:
Kubota SVL 90Drive Sprockets (V0611-21112)
Kubota SVL 90 Sprocket V0611-21112
Kubota SVL 75Drive Sprockets (V0511-21110)
Kubota SVL 75 Sprocket V0611-21110
Kubota SVL 75, SVL 90Bottom Track Rollers(V0511-25104)
Kubota SVL 90 Rollers V0511-25104
Kubota SVL 75, SVL 90Front Idlers(V0511-24103)
Kubota SVL 90 V0511-24103
Kubota SVL 75, SVL 90Front Idlers(V0611-22100)
Kubota SVL 90 Sprocket V0611-22100

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