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ToroDingo® Tread Pattern:

Toro Dingo Rubber Track Tread Pattern
Now offering ToroDingo® rubber tracks for the following machines:

The image to the left shows our main tread pattern for all of our Toro Dingo rubber tracks. We do have alternate tread pattern options available upon request.

Toro Dingo Grapple AttachmentDuring this time of significant storm damage clean up we are offering discounts on attachments such as root grapples and bucket grapples when you buy aftermarket rubber tracks for your Toro Dingo. We have several grapple options starting at $925.

Toro Dingo Narrow TrackThere are typically only two width options for the Toro Dingo mini skid steer tool carriers. This is the narrow option known as the six inch wide 98-9800. This track is easy to verify by checking your width is just over six inches and there are twenty-eight drive lugs down the center. This track is primarily designed for the TX-420 model but it's also the narrow option for the Toro Dingo TX520 and TX525.

Toro Dingo Wide Track

There are typically only two width options for the Toro Dingo mini skid steer tool carriers. This is the wide option known as the nine inch wide 100-8931. It's roughly nine and a half inches wide and has twenty-eight drive lugs down the center of the track. It fits on the Toro Dingo 525 primarily but also is an option for the Toro Dingo 425 and 520 models.

Toro Dingo TX1000 Tracks

The Toro Dingo TX-1000 is the latest step in innovation and progress. The machine is capaple of higher veriticle lift with one thousand pound capacity. To achieve the 3.6 PSI ground pressure you must use the wide version track which is nine and a half inches wide. The TX 1000 tracks have thirty seven lugs so they are longer than the traditional rubber tracks from Toro. This track is known as 121-4591 from Toro. There is a narrow six inch option as well known as 121-4592.

Often times your Toro Dingo rubber tracks will wear the lugs off prematurely prior to wearing down the tread. This is a common issue caused by alignment that can easily be prevented. The rollers are all mounted together and when the guide is not straight it will unevenly run across the lugs and chew them off over time. For more severe alignment issues the lugs may be torn off from the side leaving only a small nub of rubber on the track. You must maintain the undercarriage by aligning the rollers, evaluating wear and keep a close eye on your tensioner spring. Our aftermarket tracks are made with a slightly heavier duty compound and are more rigid than the original track. That is why our tracks typically last longer however if your tensioner spring is worn out then it will lose tension and slippage will occur as the track rotates. Changing the tensioner spring is not as expensive as you might imagine but currently there is no aftermarket option available.

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