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*** Rubber Track Tread Patterns for Vovlo Construction Compact Equipment ***

Volvo Rubber Track Information

The rubber tracks available for the Volvo construction series machines are made from the highest quality materials by factories that bring the highest level of technology to the market. Our factories produce OEM rubber tracks for several makes and models and they bring their experience and technology to Rubbertrax ™ brand tracks at a fraction of the dealer price for original tracks. The highest quality, longest lasting and most cut resistent rubber compounds combined with industry leading helically wound continuous steel cords bring machine operators a new level of confidence in the aftermarket replacement rubber tracks all while saving small businesses a considerable amount of money on their maintenance budget. Buying high quality rubber tracks that are specifically designed for your Volvo machines at cheaper prices is how Rubbertrax™ Inc. continues to deliver VALUE to the aftermarket. To request more information or to purchase rubber tracks or parts for your Volvo call toll free: 866-431-5305 today!

Straight Bar Rubber Track Loader Tread Pattern Volvo Track Loader Rubber Track Tread Pattern OEM C-Shaped Rubber Track Tread Pattern
These are the most common tread patterns for most Volvo Construction Compact Track Loaders. These tread patterns are typically available for most Volvo track loaders including:
  • Volvo MC110 (with VTS)
  • Volvo MC70 (with VTS)
  • Volvo MC80 (with VTS)
  • Volvo MC90 (with VTS)
  • Volvo MCT 110c
  • Volvo MCT 125c
  • Volvo MCT 135c
  • Volvo MCT 145c
  • MCT 85c
Volvo 2 Ton Mini Ex Tread Patterns Common tread pattern on 230 mm wide tracks for most 2 Ton Mini Ex:

Volvo Mini Excavator Wide Guide Tread Pattern Common tread pattern on 300 mm wide tracks:
  • Volvo EC25
  • Volvo EC27D
  • Volvo ECR 28
  • Volvo EC30
  • Volvo EC35
  • Volvo EC35D

Volvo Mini Excavator Rubber Track Tread Pattern We typically stock a directional and a block type option for the 16" wide mini excavator tracks. Tracks that would use this tread pattern include:
  • Volvo EC 45
  • Volvo EC 50
  • Volvo EC 55
  • Volvo ECR 48
  • Volvo ECR58D

Volvo Mini Excavator Parts

Volvo Replacement Sprockets:

Volvo Model: Volvo OEM Part Number:
Volvo EC14 (49100022)
Volvo EC14 Sprocket 49100022
Volvo EC35 (11802523)
Volvo ECR58 (14517336)
Volvo ECR58 Sprocket 14517336
Volvo ECR88 (14520835)
Volvo ECR 88 Sprocket 14520835

Volvo Replacement Bottom Rollers

Volvo Model: Volvo OEM Part Number:
Volvo EC 25 (1180-9095)
Volvo EC35 (1180-9095)
Volvo EC55 (1181-00440)
Volvo EC55 Bottom Roller 1181-00440
Volvo ECR58 (1181-00440)

Volvo ECR58 Bottom Roller 1181-00440
Volvo ECR88 (14520839)
Volvo ECR88 Bottom Roller 14520839

Volvo Idlers

Volvo Model: Volvo OEM Part Number:
Volvo EC55 Tension Idler (1181-00450)
Volvo EC55 Idler wheel 1181-00450

Volvo Replacement Sprockets:

Volvo Model: Volvo OEM Part Number:
Volvo MCT 125C/135C/145C LK588
Volvo Sprocket LK588
Volvo MCT110C LK618
Volvo MCT110c Sprocket LK618

Volvo Rear Idlers

Volvo Model:Volvo OEM Part Number:
Volvo MCT 110C/125C/135C/145C (16213436)
Volvo Idler 16213436

Volvo Bottom Rollers

Volvo Model:Volvo OEM Part Number:
Volvo MCT 110C/125C/135C/145C (16213288)
Volvo Sprocket 16213288

Volvo Front Idlers

Volvo Model: Volvo OEM Part Number:
Volvo MCT 110C/125C/135C/145C (1613439)
Volvo Sprocket 1613439

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