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Rubbertrax Inc. Offering Yanmar CTL and Mini Excavator Undercarriage

OEM Yanmar part numbers are referenced for your convenience, but these are aftermarket parts that have no association to Yanmar original parts. These are aftermarket parts saving you considerable cost in maintaining your undercarriage. Yanmar has a large gray market presence in the USA so please verify your make and models are exact model numbers designed for use in the USA as opposed to gray market imports. We do not guarantee any parts fitment on any gray market imported Yanmar mini excavator.

Aftermarket Yanmar CTL Steel Undercarriage Parts

We stock limited quantities of the newly designed Yanmar compact track loader undercarriage. We always suggest evaluating your entire undercarriage on your track loader when changing your rubber tracks. Sprockets and tracks are designed to wear together so change your sprockets at the same time you change your rubber tracks to maximize the lifespan of your tracks.

Yanmar Aftermarket Sprockets:

Yanmar Model:Yanmar Part Number:
Yanmar T210, T175172551-03380
Yanmar CTL 172551-03380 Sprocket

Yanmar Bottom Track Rollers

JCB® Model:JCB® Part Number:
Yanmar T210, T175271020
Yanmar 271020 Roller

Yanmar Replacement Idlers

Yanmar Model:Yanmar Part Number:
Yanmar T210, T175 Front Idler 271005
Yanmar Front Idler 271005
Yanmar T210, T175 Rear Idler 275574
Yanmar Idler 275574

Yanmar Mini Excavator Parts

We only stock a limited number of Yanmar mini excavator parts. We only stock what we can guarantee fit. With the complicated gray market for Yanmar it makes it a challenge to get the fitment right unless you have the details of the machine for certain. Please verify your parts prior to ordering and use the images referenced below for the exact part we have in stock.

Yanmar Replacement Sprockets:

Yanmar Model: Yanmar OEM Part Number:
Yanmar VIO 15 (172451-29101)
Yanmar VIO 15 Sprocket 172451-29101
Yanmar VIO 27-2 ~ Yanmar VIO 27-5 (172457-29100-2)
Yanmar VIO 27 Sprocket 172457-29100-2
Yanmar VIO 35 (172141-29111)
Yanmar VIO 35 Sprocket 172141-29111
Yanmar VIO 50-2, B50-2B (172119-35012)
Yanmar VIO 70 (172A89-29100)

Yanmar Bottom Rollers / Carrier Rollers

Yanmar Model: Yanmar OEM Part Number:
Yanmar VIO 15 (Z172448-3030)
Vio27-2/3, VIO 30-1~5 Top Roller (172458-37500-2)
Vio27-2/3 Top Roller 172458-37500-2
Vio27-2/3, B27-2B, VIO25, B30V, B37V (772450-37300)
Vio27-2/3, B27-2B, VIO25, B30V, B37V Bottom Roller 772450-37300
Yanmar VIO 35 / VIO 35-3 (772441-37300-2)
VIO 35 Bottom Roller 772441-37300-2
Yanmar VIO 35 Carrier Roller (172458-37500)
VIO 35 Carrier Top Roller 172458-37500
Yanmar VIO 40-2~3 Carrier Roller (172478-37501)
VIO 40-2~3 Carrier Top Roller 172478-37501
B50V, VIO45-5, VIO50-5 (772147-37300)
B50V VIO45-5 VIO50-5 Bottom Roller 772147-37300
Yanmar VIO 50 VIO 50-2 Carrier Roller (172461-37501)
VIO50 50-2 Carrier Roller 172461-37501
Yanmar VIO 70 (172187-37302)

Yanmar Replacement Idlers

Yanmar Model: Yanmar OEM Part Number:
Yanmar VIO 27-2 ~ VIO27-5 Tension Idler (172458-37061)
Yanmar VIO 27Idler wheel 172458-37061
Yanmar VIO 70 Rear Idler (772455-37100-2)

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