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When a rubber track just won't do the job... Steel Tracks

Steel Track Groups

Steel tracks for mini excavators are referred to as steel track groups, or hybrid tracks throughout the industry. We carry steel chains that are available with bolt-on steel grousers for a demolition and aggressive applications that require a true steel track, but have the ability to bolt on a rubber pad when needed. We also carry a steel chain with direct bolt-on rubber pads that are commonly known as roadliner pads from Komatsu. All of our steel track groups with rubber pads are ISO9001 certified which ensures durability in the roughest terrain. You can convert your current dedicated rubber track mini excavator over to steel tracks and maximize your machine's earth moving capability. Most major mini excavator brands have replaceable steel track group options. We are stocking up on all the popular sizes so there is no delay in getting you the track group you need!

Why go with Rubbertrax to convert your dedicated rubber track machine to steel tracks?
A simple turn key conversion from rubber tracks to steel tracks saves you maintenance and replacement costs while increasing the versatility of your mini excavators. We will stock the largest inventory for availability and wide mini excavator model coverage.

  • Increase Terrain Versatility
  • Decrease Annual Track Replacement
  • Increase Track Lifespan
Steel Mini Excavator Tracks Steel Mini Excavator Tracks with bolt-on Rubber Pads Hybrid Mini Excavator Tracks

In stock and ready to ship... Komatsu steel track groups

Komatsu PC 50uu-2 steel tracks

In stock and ready to ship, steel tracks with bolt-on rubber pads for:

  • BOBCAT x337
  • JOHN DEERE 50 D and 50 zts
  • KOMATSU PC40-7/8
  • KOMATSU PC45-7 and -8
  • KOMATSU PC50-7 and -8

Individual Replacement Rubber Pads

Steel Track Replacement Rubber PadReplacement Hybrid Rubber Pad

Replacement Rubber Pads Rubbertrax, Inc. is stocking individual replacement rubber pads for several models of mini excavator steel tracks. We have replacement pads for Bobcat® 331 mini excavators, Kubota KX 121-3, Kubota U45, Kubota U50 and more. There is a significant difference in replacement steel track pads and hybrid track pads so be sure to specify. All brands are not interchangeable so we can tell you how to measure individual pads if you only need to replace the pads and not the chain. The steel track replacement rubber pad (on the left) is designed to be removable as needed and replaceable individually. The steel track rubber pads generally have two to four bolts towards the outside edges of the rubber pad. These type of pads bolt to the steel grouser, which is bolted to the drive chain. The rubber pad on a steel track can be removed as needed and you can then operate on the steel track grousers alone for a demolition job and then put the rubber pads back on when needed. The hybrid track pads (on the right) generally bolt down the center of the rubber pad, because they bolt directly to the drive chain which runs down the center of your undercarriage. There is no steel grouser between the pad and the chain. They hybrid pads are designed to remain on the chain for the life of the track, but they are individually replaceable as needed.

Star Steel TracksIncrease Terrain Versatility
Easily switch from steel to rubber without replacing the track to make your mini-excavators more versatile.

Star Steel TracksLower Maintenance & Replacement
Decrease annual track replacement & maintenance costs when compared to rubber tracks.

Star Steel TracksTurn Key Conversion
There's no need for undercarriage modification. Our products fit perfectly on all top mini-excavator brands.

Star Steel TracksReplaceable Tracks
Replace grousers and rubber pads easily with affordably priced parts. Just remove four bolts and you've saved yourself from replacing an entire track.

Star Steel TracksIncrease Longetivity
Regardless of terrain and operater skill, steel tracks will outperform rubber tracks.

Star Steel TracksOptional Rubber Pads
Protect pavement and fragile surfaces with bolt-on, replacable rubber pads.

Steel Tracks That Can Outlast Your Mini Excavator!

Over 2,000 sets have been sold in the USA and they are becoming more popular every year. Check out the advantages for rental companies:

steel tracks check Easy to Install Rubbertrax, Inc. steel tracks fit on all top models without undercarriage modification or special training.

steel tracks checkEasy to sell to the user - A renter or potential customer will love the versatility and functionality of the steel tracks

steel tracks checkEasy to Replace - All steel grousers and rubber pads are easily replacable at affordable prices. Regardless of operator skill, our steel tracks will hold up to the test.

Mini Excavator Steel Tracks Mini Excavator Steel Track Grouser Steel Track Bolt On Rubber Pad

Track Group

Complete Track Groups Pre-Assembled with or without rubber pads.
  • All components are heat treated and tempered
  • Surface hardness of grousers at HRC42~47
  • Decrease maintenance cost over time
  • Increase track longevity regardless of terrain


  • Milled from manganese boron steel billet (23MnB)
  • Universally designed to accommodate bolt-on and clip-on rubber pads
  • Surface hardness of grousers at HRC42~47

Rubber Pads

Add comfort and grip to your steel tracks while protecting fragile surfaces.
  • Easily bolts to our steel rubber tracks
  • Easy and affordable to replace, keeping maintenance costs low

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