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By Populard Demand: After repeat requests from our customers, Rubbertrax, Inc. now offers disposable flat-proof tires...

Rubbertrax, Inc. offers aftermarket replacement flat-proof cushion tires mounted on reusable rims for easy change and go convenience. Avoid further down time by using a flat-proof solid-cushion tire that lasts up to four times longer than your pneumatic skid steer tire. Avoid further downtime by using our disposable (please recycle) wheels that are already mounted and ready to install with no further hassles like waiting on the tire company to come out and press your new tire on. These tires are mounted to the rim and ready to install, even the operator can do it with no call to the tire company saving you a service call fee and the down time as a result.

Download our Supertrak Skid Steer Tire specification brochure for more details

Skid Steer Traction TireBenefits of the Solid Skid Steer Tire Vs. Pneumatic:

  • The solid tire will last three to four times the lifespan
  • No special equipment needed to mount the tire
  • Significantly reduced downtime
  • More comfortable for the operator
  • Lowers the center of gravity for the machine reducing tipping
  • Offset wheel so no wheel spacers needed

Pneumatic tires are still suggested for over the tire track systems due to the weight difference and adjustable fit controlled by air pressure.

Downtime is reduced by several factors because they last five times longer than tracks or pneumatic tires. They are maintenance free, no air pressure to check and no need to check for debris. There are no blowouts and since flats are eliminated there is no more waiting on flat repair and inconvenient tire changes. If punctures are a problem on your job site, then this is the tire for you. Time is money, save more of both with these high quality Supertrak tires.

Supertrak Skid Steer Tires
  • Puncture-Proof Tires - Maintenance Free
  • Long Life Span - Up to Five Times Longer than a Pneumatic Tire
  • Blowouts Eliminated - No More Accidents from Blowouts
  • Eliminate Downtime & Delays - No Air Pressure to Check
  • Zero Repair Overhead - No More Flat Repair or Service Calls
  • Abrasion Resistant Tread for Use on Hard Surfaces
  • Sidewall Aperture Holes for Shock Absorption & Comfort
  • Traction Patterns for Aggressive Traction

We offer the solid cushion tires for most of the common models. The 33x12-20 size commonly fits the following machines:

Make / ModelTire SizeWheel Bolt PatternPneumatic Tire Size
BOBCAT 843 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
BOBCAT 853 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
BOBCAT 863 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
BOBCAT 873 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
BOBCAT 883 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
BOBCAT 885 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
CASE 60XT 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
CASE 70XT 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
CASE 75XT 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
CASE 85XT 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
CASE 90XT 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
CASE 95XT 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
CASE 570LX 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
CASE 1845B 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5
CASE 1845C 33x12-20 (8 Stud) 12-16.5

We offer the solid cushion tires for most of the common models. The 30x10-20 size commonly fits the following machines:

Make / ModelTire SizeWheel Bolt PatternPneumatic Tire Size
CASE 40XT 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
CASE 1845 1845B 1845C 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
GEHL 4635X 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
GEHL 4835 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
GEHL 5625 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
JOHN DEERE 240 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
JOHN DEERE 6675 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
JOHN DEERE 7775 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
BOBCAT S175 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
BOBCAT S185 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
BOBCAT 742 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
BOBCAT 743 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
BOBCAT 751 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
BOBCAT 753 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5
BOBCAT 763 3 30x10-16 (8 Stud) 10-16.5

Skid Steer Over The Tire Tracks


  • Improved Floatation
  • Improved Traction
  • Improved Side Hill Stability
  • Lower Ground Pressure
  • Puncture Resistance
  • Longer Tread Life
  • Improved Floatation
  • Improved Traction
  • Smoother Ride
  • Less Noise
  • Safely Runs on Asphalt and Concrete
  • Less Maintenance Costs
  • Capable of Higher Speed
  • Lower Initial Cost
  • Smoother Ride
  • Less Maintenance Cost
  • Convertible Between Tires and Tracks
  • Longer Track Life

 Traxter Over The Tire Tracks

To solve the problem of a skid steer's insufficient floatation and traction, a new type of track was built. Traxter™ is the first interchangeable track system for skid steers that offers you a full floatation surface for maximum off-road performance with minimal damage to finished surfaces. Our unique engineering design allows for operation on concrete and asphalt without chewing up the surface. Other over the tire track systems require bolt-on rubber pads, but with the Traxter Over The TIre Track System you do not need the extra expense and weight of the rubber pads. Call today and ask to see the video for a demonstration.

 We offer systems to go over 10" tires as well as 12" tires

Traxter Over the tire track

Go where no skid steer has gone before

Reinforced, Hi-Floatation Profile that is suitable for all types of terrain including paved surfaces

Modular Design

Easy replacement of individual segments and components

Robust Hardened Steel Construction

Long service life with significant protection for the tires

Adjustable Length

Suitable for a wide variety of wheel base dimensions

More Pushing and Pulling Power in Deep Mud

More traction, more floatation, less ground pressure equals more productivity

Our over the tire tracks are primarily designed for use in mud and environments and wet conditions where tires will not get the job done. Don't take the day off becuase of a little rain, that can be too costly to your business. Increase time on the job and traction with our easy to install skid steer tracks. See our Traxter Over the Tire Track System in action:

Why don't we offer rubber pads for our over the tire skid steer tracks? Competitors offer steel over the tire tracks with bolt-on rubber pads because historically steel tracks would do significant damage to driveways and concrete surfaces. Costly rubber pads were the solution. While we don't suggest frequent operation on concrete surfaces (because over the tire tracks are for traction), you can see in the video below that our Traxter OTT are designed to minimize damage to concrete. You can see the operator spinning the machine with no damage.

Spacers are required if you don't have at least three inches of clearance between the tire and the machine. Take a look at our very simple to install system. You can easily install these tracks as needed as opposed to complex systems that dedicate too much time to installation. Your tires can get the job done on a regular basis. We have the easy to install solution for the days when tires just won't do!

We stock over the tire skid steer tracks for skid steer models on ten inch wide tires with a wheel base between 33.5 inches minimum through 41.3 maximum. You can contact us about your model if your wheel base is up to 45.3 inches and we can customize a set for you. If your wheel base is longer than 41.3 then our standard set up will not be long enough for your machine. For the twelve inch wide over the tire track systems our standard set covers models with a wheel base of 37.4 through 45.3 inches. If your wheel base is up to 51.2 inches long then touch base with us prior to ordering so we can customize your order.

There are minimum requirements for the over the tire track systems that vary depending on your tire width. For a ten inch wide tire set up that has a wheel base within the ranges mentioned above your machine requires a minimum of 35 horsepower. We suggest a range of 35-85 for proper functionality. For the twelve inch wide option we need to know the exact width of your tire because there is such a wide variety of tire widths in the aftermarket that qualify as a twelve inch wide tire. We make two OTT skid steer track options for the various widths depending on your specific setup. We suggest a minimum of 55 horsepower with a safe range between 55 and 105 horsepower.

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