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Ag Tracks

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While traditional farming equipment uses wheels to move across the fields, an increasing number of farmers are switching to tracked farming equipment. Their reason for doing so mirrors that of the construction industry. Better traction in soft soil. However, unlike construction equipment, tracked farming equipment needs to minimize ground compaction and not damage the valuable crops around it. Rubbertrax agricultural tracks are specifically engineered for this type of environment and offer the same quality and durability you’ve come to expect in our construction rubber tracks.

Agricultural Rubber Tracks from Rubbertrax

Our ag tracks start with quality materials engineered specifically for agricultural use. While the outside of the track is both functional and beauitful with its one-piece molded carcass and dense track blocks, it's the inside of the track where the magic happens. That's where you will find galvanized steel cables surrounded by multiple layers of wire plies that provide strength, stability, and duribility. The end result is a quality agricultural rubber track from Rubbertrax.

Rubbertrax Ag Track

Special Rubber Formula

Special Rubber Formula

  • Special rubber formula for tread pattern provides high wear resistance and durability
  • Built with a thicker carcass for improved tear resistance

Multiple Wire Layers

Multiple Wire Layers

  • Three wire plies placed at different angles above steel cables to improve the stability of the track body
  • Additional wire ply added under steel cables to protect them from wear caused by the driving wheels

Galvanized Steel Cables

Galvanized Steel Cables

  • Galvanized steel cables with patented cable structure
  • Provides high strength along the length of the track

Reinforced Drive Lugs

Reinforced Drive Lugs

  • Reinforced drive lugs use a unique rubber compound with high hardness and tensile strength
  • Additional drive lugs per track to help prevent de-tracking

Drive Type Differences

There are two different drive types used for Ag Tracks. They are Positive Drive and Friction Drive. A key difference between them is that Positive Drive tracks have rounded bar-like Drive Blocks for a drive lug and Friction Drive uses squared-off Guide Blocks.

Positive Drive Ag Track

Positive Drive

Friction Drive Ag Track

Friction Drive

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