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*** Multi Terrain Loader Tread Pattern Information ***

These images are provided to assist your track specialist explain the options to you on the phone so feel free to call with your questions. Tread pattern pictures are for reference only. If your tread pattern must match, please verify when ordering which tread you require.Below are some of the most common tread patterns.

Rubber Track Tread Patterns by Machine Type:


ASV Posi-Track™ Caterpillar® MTL and Terex PT

ASV Posi-Track ™, Terex and Caterpillar ® Multi Terrain Loader tracks have many years of proven success in aftermarket production. This straight bar tread pattern offers a light weight solution with the strength of polyester cables for improved flexibility. Get more traction without losing floatation and save significantly over your local dealer's OEM offering. We also offer the anti-vibration tread pattern that offers a smoother ride and less aggressive in sensitive turf applications. It is very similar to the tread pattern you get with the original production track.

ASV Posi-Tracks available straight bar aggressive tread pattern

ASV/Cat Aggressive Traction Tread

ASV Posi-Tracks available anti-vibration original style tread pattern

ASV/Cat Anti-Vibration (Turf-Friendly) Tread

The less aggressive anti-vibration tread pattern is now available in all non-metal core track sizes for the machines listed above. This design offers less vibration on the operator and the machine while reducing damage to sensitive turf applications.

Multi-Terrain Loader Drive Lugs

The multi-terrain loader tracks are unique in their light weight design as well as their drive system. Multi-Terrain loader rubber tracks are not driven by a standard steel sprocket, they are driven by the drive lugs that are molded on the inside of the tracks. There are several different set ups for the drive lugs and the guide lugs depending on your model. If you cannot determine which track you have installed then you can review the drive lug set ups below and give us a call with the width of your rubber track and let us know how many rows of the drive lugs you have. The RC-30 type models have one row of drive lugs down the center of the track. This is the smallest MTL track at twelve inches wide with thirty-seven drive lugs down the center of the track.

The RC-50 and RC 60 series from ASV as well as the 247 and 257 series tracks from Cat are fifteen inches wide with forty-two drive lugs. These models also have a smaller guide lug on the outside edge of the track to help keep the track on in rugged terrain. The SR-70 series has the same set up with a row of drive lugs and a row of guide lugs but the track is longer so it has more lugs overall.

The PT 100 Forestry series has the most complicated setup with four rows of drive and guide lugs across a twenty inch wide track. There is an eighteen inch wide version of the PT 100 so you need to verify if you have eighteen inch wide tracks with three rows of lugs. The eighteen inch wide tracks with three rows of lugs are for the newer 277C and 287C series tracks. The previous B series version of the 277B and 287B rubber tracks only had two rows of lugs. The 287B series would have fifty one lugs while the 277B series would have 56 lugs around the track.

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