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Track Care, tips to extend track life.

*** Track and Undercarriage tips: ***

Rubber tracks on compact track loaders and excavators offer many benefits that compact track loaders and excavators with tires and/or steel tracks cannot offer. To ensure a longer, productive life of rubber tracks please follow the operating safeguards HERE


Usage of rubber track equipped loaders or excavators in applications such as rocky terrain, gravel, concrete demolition, metal debris, etc. may cause premature wear and failure of the rubber tracks.

Damage to the rubber tracks, caused from using the machine in any of these conditions is not covered under warranty.

The more careful an operator is when using rubber track-equipped compact loaders and excavators the better the track wear performance will be.

The application and working conditions must be a prime consideration when deciding upon rubber tracks, steel tracks, or type of tire on a skid loader or excavator.

*** Track Life ***

Because track life is very dependent upon usage, operations and application sites, it is impossible to estimate a track life expectancy. Premium aftermarket rubber tracks should see very similar life expectancy as your original rubber tracks assuming the undercarriage parts are replaced or in excellent condition as they were when the original tracks were installed and the environment and manner in which the machine was used remains the same.

As a general track loader "rule of thumb", in "dirt" applications, rubber track life expectancy can be two to two and a half times the normal life of pneumatic tires on a skid loader.

Due to varying applications, there is no wear guarantee on rubber tracks.

Rubbertrax, Inc. News and Updates!!

Rubbertrax, Inc. supplies rubber tracks for almost any Compact Track Loader on the market. Our mission is to provide the highest quality rubber track for the lowest possible price. New track sizes are being produced each quarter. Continue to check the website for updates. We will try to keep this page maintained with current promos and industry updates.

03/20/2017 -Contractor's Dream Package Winner: Congrats to Hansen Brothers Enterprises in Penn Valley CA! You are the winner of the 2016 Contractor's Dream Package including a brand new Ford truck, a Ditch Witch Trencher, and of course your set of Rubbetrax brand rubber tracks for any existing equipment you own.

Toro Dingo Special We are running a special to get the word out about our Toro Dingo rubber track options. We stock the narrow and wide rubber track options for the Toro Dingo 425, 427, and 525 models. We are well stocked on the narrow option and we are offering this huge savings to encourage you to give us a try and check out the best aftermarket tracks on the market for your Toro!

In 2014 we have completed our expansion of the sixteen inch wide compact track loader tracks, including the addition of the Quad Track replacement track. The sixteen inch wide compact track loader track is a great compromise between cost and floatation for users that have previously only had thirteen and eighteen inch wide options. Many Bobcat ® T-190 and Takeuchi TL 8 / TL 130 users have adapted to the sixteen inch wide option for more floatation in muddy terrain. Several equipment manufacturers like Caterpillar, John Deere, Kubota and Komatsu offer a sixteen inch wide rubber track on the machine at the time of the original purchase. We now stock all of the options for the existing track loaders in the market.

Over the last several years there has been a huge focus on operator comfort to reduce the dangerous impact of a tired and worn out operator. One of the major advancements in operator safety has also made a huge impact on undercarriage lifespan. In an effort to reduce vibration and jerking on the undercarriage during high speed operation our factories have focused on overlapping the forged steel links to eliminate gaps and spacing so that rollers and idlers remain in contact with the guide system at all times for smoother operation. This was a low cost upgrade to the guiding system so operators do not have a price increase to absorb but get the benefit of a longer lasting undercarriage, and a longer lasting operator!

One of the original improvements which is still offered today in replacement tracks is what is known as Continuous Steel Cord Technology. Introduced by Rubbertrax, Inc. in 2003, using Continuous Steel Cords (CSC), as opposed to overlapping the steel cords at a single joint, provides up to 40% more strength in the track. Given proper use of the machine this can potentially extend the lifespan of your tracks and save your company considerable money over the years in replacement tracks alone. The truth is, there are tracks out there that still use the overlapping technology that even exceed the strength of the continuous steel cord tracks. When properly implemented the overlapping technology can be just as strong as the continuous steel cord. The CSC method was adopted by the Chinese factories many years ago to be able to compete with the supreme technology of the South Korean manufacturers. Rubbertrax, Inc. offers both types of cord technologies and backs them by a warranty that will provide confidence to the end user. Talk to our sales team for more information. Some of our staff members have more than eight years of dedicated rubber track experience and we can discuss all the different types of track design and how it effects your business.

Rubbertrax, Inc. offers Continuous Steel Cord Technology

E-mail us to ask our rubber track specialists any technical or support questions you may have.

Our most frequently asked question is "How do I find my track size?" There are several ways to find out which replacement track you need. First, check your existing track to see if the size is stamped into the rubber. It is usually very difficult to find the track size as it is common for the stamp to wear off during normal use. If you can't find a track size stamped into the rubber then you can take three simple measurements that will determine which replacement track you need.

  1. Measure the width of the track in millimeters.
  2. Measure the distance from the center of one link to the center of the next link (in millimeters). This is commonly known as the pitch of the track.
  3. Count the number of links, or lugs all the way around the track

The measurement is read Width x Pitch x Links. See our Rubber Track Measurement Guide for more details.

There are about 2500 different types of machines on the market today. These machines use a wide variety of tracks sizes. Sprocket driven rubber tracks are put into two different classifications, conventional and interchangeable.

1. Conventional type rubber tracks can only be operated on undercarriages designed for rubber tracks only. Conventional type tracks have a pitch measurement (this is the distance from the center of one metal link to the center of the next metal link) of 60,72,84,86,87,90,100, 125 and 150 millimeters

2. Interchangeable type rubber tracks can be used on undercarriages designed to operate steel and rubber tracks. Interchangeable tracks can be made in a long pitch or short pitch style track. These tracks have pitch measurements of 48,96,52.5,54,55,56,71,72.5,73,81,81.5,83,83.5,109,142,144,146,163 and 167 millimeters. Some machines can have an even greater pitch measurement.

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Contractor's Dream Package Give-Away

Replacing rubber tracks can be tough on your back and tough on your wallet the first time you have to face the challenge. Rubbertrax, Inc. is pitching in with Equipment World and donating towards a set of tracks for the Contractor's Dream Package. 2018 is the 17th year for the sweepstakes and the drawing takes place late in October. We are happy to join forces with Randall Reilly, Ford Trucks, and Ditch Witch to help the lucky winner take their business to the next level.

Congrats to this year's winner Tri State Excavating. The award ceremony is scheduled for this January in Bozeman, MT. We will keep you updated on all the winnings!

Rubbertrax Inc. awarded the Contractor Dream Package winnerPictured here is 2017 winner Doug Wirt, owner of D&P Construction with his Rubbertrax, Inc. certificate. The package includes a Ford Super Duty® Chassis Cab, a Ditch Witch walk-behind trencher, a Landoll tilt trailer, Rubber tracks from Rubbertrax, Inc., a Raptor Boom Mower Attachment System for skid steers and compact track loaders from Eterra Attachments, Sonetics team wireless communication system from Sonetics, and a Prize Package from Motion Industries. Make sure you register annually to get in on the chance to win!

Rubbertrax Contractor's Dream Package winner 2016Congrats to 2015 winnder Ron Hunsche Excavating, one contractor won it all! Enjoy that Ford truck, Ditch witch trencher, the trailer, the Alturna Mats, and of course that set of free rubber tracks. We look forward to participating in 2016.

Rubbertrax Inc. awarded the Contractor Dream Package winnerPictured here is 2014 winner John Jenkins with his Rubbertrax, Inc. certificate. This contractor took home prizes from Rubbertrax, Inc. as well as Ford, Ditch Witch, Alturna Mats, Landoll and more. The Contractor's Dream Package continues to grow. Make sure you register annually to get in on the chance to win!

Rubbertrax Inc. 2013 Contractor Dream Package winnerPictured here is 2013 winner Andy VanPelt with the Ford rep receiving his new Ford work truck.

Rubbertrax Inc. awarded the Contractor Dream Package winner with a gift certificatePictured here is 2012 winner with his Rubbertrax, Inc. certificate. The contractor's dream package will be displayed at construction related industry shows throughout the year but register online today for your chance to win this year's prize package. Sponsors of the event include Ford Trucks, giving away a full size and fully equipped truck as well as Ditch Witch giving away a walk behind trencher and Honda pitching in a generator. Many other valuable prizes are involved so don't delay, register today.

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January 2011

Rubbertrax, Inc.

For Immediate Release

January 2011 marks the 10th anniversary for Rubbertrax, Inc. We offer quality aftermarket rubber tracks and undercarriage parts sold at a fraction of the original equipment manufacturer’s price. We have been an industry leader since our inception and continue to be a competitive force in the rubber track aftermarket.

Q & A with Larry Griffeth, Owner and Operator of Rubbertrax, Inc.
1. What made you decide to start Rubbertrax, Inc?
LARRY: Manufacturers such as Bobcat and Takeuchi introduced rubber tracks into the market in the 1980s. By the late 1990s, machines utilizing rubber tracks were really taking off. However, for the most part the original equipment manufacturers were the only ones offering replacement tracks. After 30 years in the industrial tire industry, I recognized the strong need for aftermarket tracks and founded Rubbertrax in 2001.

2. How have you made Rubbertrax, Inc. successful?
LARRY: Unlike most manufacturers that produce rubber tracks as their secondary focus, Rubbertrax specializes in rubber tracks and undercarriage parts only. We have over 4,000 tracks in stock between our East and West Coast warehouses, which allows us to offer same day shipping. We often get calls from competitors that only stock 15 of the most popular size tracks. We carry inventory from the 180 mm to 850mm wide tracks at all times. Most importantly, Rubbertrax has stayed successful because our motivated and knowledgeable staff provides excellent customer service.

Rubbertrax, Inc.
Replacement Rubber Tracks and Undercarriage Parts
Save significantly over your local dealer and call Rubbertrax, Inc. today.

Celebrating 10 years of aftermarket rubber track sales in the U.S.A

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December 2010

Read Equipment World's review of our John Deere compact track loader rubber tracks.

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Read Equipment World's review of our aftermarket replacement Caterpillar®MTL non metal core compact track loader rubber tracks.

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01/01/2011 - 2011 marks Rubbertrax, Inc 10th Anniversary

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03/14/2009 - Rubbertrax launches new product lines by customer demand:
Cat™ MTL Tracks
Final Drives
Flat-Proof Skid Steer Tires

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