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*** Track and Undercarriage tips: ***

Rubber tracks on compact track loaders and excavators offer many benefits that compact track loaders and excavators with tires and/or steel tracks cannot offer. To ensure a longer, productive life of rubber tracks please follow the operating safeguards HERE


Usage of rubber track equipped loaders or excavators in applications such as rocky terrain, gravel, concrete demolition, metal debris, etc. may cause premature wear and failure of the rubber tracks.

Damage to the rubber tracks, caused from using the machine in any of these conditions is not covered under warranty.

The more careful an operator is when using rubber track-equipped compact loaders and excavators the better the track wear performance will be.

The application and working conditions must be a prime consideration when deciding upon rubber tracks, steel tracks, or type of tire on a skid loader or excavator.

*** Track Life ***

Because track life is very dependent upon usage, operations and application sites, it is impossible to estimate a track life expectancy. Premium aftermarket rubber tracks should see very similar life expectancy as your original rubber tracks assuming the undercarriage parts are replaced or in excellent condition as they were when the original tracks were installed and the environment and manner in which the machine was used remains the same.

As a general track loader "rule of thumb", in "dirt" applications, rubber track life expectancy can be two to two and a half times the normal life of pneumatic tires on a skid loader.

Due to varying applications, there is no wear guarantee on rubber tracks.

Rubbertrax, Inc. supplies rubber tracks for almost any Compact Track Loader on the market. Our mission is to provide the highest quality rubber track for the lowest possible price. New track sizes are being produced each quarter. Continue to check the website for updates. We will try to keep this page maintained with current promos and industry updates.

E-mail us to ask our rubber track specialists any technical or support questions you may have.

Our most frequently asked question is "How do I find my track size?" There are several ways to find out which replacement track you need. First, check your existing track to see if the size is stamped into the rubber. It is usually very difficult to find the track size as it is common for the stamp to wear off during normal use. If you can't find a track size stamped into the rubber then you can take three simple measurements that will determine which replacement track you need.

  1. Measure the width of the track in millimeters.
  2. Measure the distance from the center of one link to the center of the next link (in millimeters). This is commonly known as the pitch of the track.
  3. Count the number of links, or lugs all the way around the track

The measurement is read Width x Pitch x Links. See our Rubber Track Measurement Guide for more details.

There are about 2500 different types of machines on the market today. These machines use a wide variety of tracks sizes. Sprocket driven rubber tracks are put into two different classifications, conventional and interchangeable.

1. Conventional type rubber tracks can only be operated on undercarriages designed for rubber tracks only. Conventional type tracks have a pitch measurement (this is the distance from the center of one metal link to the center of the next metal link) of 60,72,84,86,87,90,100, 125 and 150 millimeters

2. Interchangeable type rubber tracks can be used on undercarriages designed to operate steel and rubber tracks. Interchangeable tracks can be made in a long pitch or short pitch style track. These tracks have pitch measurements of 48,96,52.5,54,55,56,71,72.5,73,81,81.5,83,83.5,109,142,144,146,163 and 167 millimeters. Some machines can have an even greater pitch measurement.

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